Tour D (2 days - 1 Night)




After breakfast we shall drive across the peninsula to arrive at Ranong on the other side of the Andaman sea.There a fishing boat will transport us to Kho Song isle in Burma.Surprise:different people, different culture...

Return to Ranong for a meal in a small local seafood or fish restaurant which offers a panoramic view over the bay.On the sea again with a faster boat, we shall sail towards Phayam island-a real wild pearl of the Andaman sea.On this island about a hundred Thai people live on fishing(mostly shrimps and cashew nuts).The island is lined with superb beaches and the sea houses beautiful coral.The accommodation consists of a few bamboo bungalows with basic minimum comfort but each room has a toilet and a shower.An evening adventure: you will be lulled to sleep by the twitter of birds and the gentle roll of the small waves.The electricity, which is produced by a generator,will be cut at about 11 P.M.




Breakfast near the beach then a 15 minute walk across the island;after a succession of majestic landscapes,cashew nut plantations and little hamlets, we shall arrive at our boarding point for a boat tour of the island.You will discover a myriad of small creeks and several large bays, coral reef where you will be able to swim with your equipment-a mask and a snorkel-and catch a glimpse of the busy undersea life in those warm waters.If you prefer,a fishing trip where you will appreciate the traditional methods of local fishermen.

After a full morning of water sports and a well deserved meal we will drive back to Coral Hotel.




TOUR D ( 2 days -1 night) with a French speaking guide


All meals included-except the drinks


Our accommodation consists of a few bamboo bungalows


COST ALL TAXES INCLUDED, no discount for children (Valid until 30-11-2020)


2-3 people : 15 474baht

4-9 people : 10 207 baht

Visa for burma + 10 $ / pers