Tour B (2 Days - 1 Night)




Breakfast and departure for the south through vast fields of coconut and palm trees which abound in this region.After a short pause for a meal we will arrive at Suan Mokkaphalaram monastery.This modern structure does not conform to our expectations of a colorful traditional Buddhist temple.Here in the heart of the forest ,we will find a place for meditation founded by one of the most famous Thai monks:Buddhadasa Bhikku.We will visit the libraries and meditation rooms.Numerous murals will allow you to gain an understanding into the fundamental principles of Buddhism with the help of your guide.Then we shall go into the town of Chaya,one of the oldest cities of Thailand.When trading with India between the VIIIth andthe Xth century, this town was the regional capital.The restored stupa of Borom That temple sets a beautiful example of the architecture of those times. The ruined stupa of "Wat Kaew" temple of the same period presents a few features of central Java artwork.A national museum exhibits a collection of prehistoric objects and others of a later period which were discovered in the area.We will then enjoy a little promenade in the town main street lined with its traditional timber houses.


At the end of this full day,we shall visit a training center for monkeys where the latter will show us their skills.


Another few miles and we will arrive at Surat Thani the regional capital whose main resources are coconut , rubber and fishing.


Accommodation at Saowaluk Thani Hotel( or similar),dinner downtown near the night market where we can enjoy a stroll after our meal.




After breakfast,we will go into Kao Sok national park.It is an immense area of thick rainforest,with cascades,chalk cliffs,numerous torrents and a large lake scattered with isles.Kao Sok houses a lot of animal species such as elephants,leopards,tigers or Malaysian bears.As for us we shall most likely be happy to make do with riding on the back of our elephant but we shall only discover a small portion of this immense stretch during our two hour ride that morning.


After a meal in the forest,we will suggest ,for the more courageous,a little 7 km hike in the rainforest.We .shall follow a path up to a first waterfall.We'll try to discover the biggest flower in the world that one can see there only :the wild lotus flower.


But if you prefer,you will have the opportunity to go canoeing quietly down the river Sok for about 2 hours.At the end of the afternoon, return to Coral Hotel.




TOUR( 2 days -1 night) with a French speaking guide


All meals included-except the drinks


Accommodation in a 3 star hotel.


COST ALL TAXES INCLUDED, no discount for children (Valid until 30-11-2020)


2-3 people : 12 280 baht

4-9 people : 8 642 baht