Tour E - 2 days




Breakfast and departure early in the morning.After crossing the peninsula, we will be on the other side, by the Andaman sea at Ranong.We will forget the long drive when we have the pleasure of discovering the mountain landscapes.At Ranong, we'll board fishing boats for Kho Song island in Burma.Seeing different people and a different culture will be a surprise to us.Return to Thailand for a seafood or fish meal before driving on to visit the hot water springs.We shall get to the hotel in the evening.The "Kuraburi Greenview Resort" is built in a Thai mountain style with all facilities(air conditioned,hot water,minibar,TV).There we will experience the real atmosphere of a rainforest on the edge of Kao Sok national park.Dinner and entertainment (if possible with music if you wish)




After breakfast,we will go into Kao Sok national park.It is an immense area of thick rainforest,with cascades,chalk cliffs,numerous torrents and a large lake scattered with isles.Kao Sok houses a lot of animal species such as elephants,leopards,tigers or Malaysian bears.As for us we shall most likely be happy to make do with riding on the back of our elephant but we shall only discover a small portion of this immense stretch during our two hour ride that morning.

After a meal in the forest,we will suggest ,for the more courageous,a little 7 km hike in the rainforest.We .shall follow a path up to a first waterfall.We'll try to discover the biggest flower in the world that one can see there only :the wild lotus flower.

But if you prefer,you will have the opportunity to go canoeing quietly down the river Sok for about 2 hours.At the end of the afternoon, return to Coral Hotel.




TOUR( 2 days -1 night) with a French speaking guide


All meals included-except the drinks


Accommodation in a 3 star hotel.


COST ALL TAXES INCLUDED, no discount for children (Valid until 30-11-2020)


2-3 people : 15 060baht

4-9 people : 10 031 baht

Visa for burma + 10 $ per pers